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Thank you for your interest in being an exhibitor at Rogue Valley Earth Day. This annual, community celebration teaches people of all ages about actions they can take to improve the health of the planet and move toward a sustainable future. By bringing together numerous organizations, businesses, and individuals from across the region, we hope to inspire commitment, build community, and have FUN!.

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Exhibit Requirements:

Exhibits must be related to environmental education, resource conservation, sustainable living or green business.

Rogue Valley Earth Day reserves the right to reject any exhibitor application. 

  • Exhibits will share information based on accurate, current, and evidenced-based science supported by the scientific community. Applications are subject to review by a Science Advisory Board.
  • To keep this celebration uniquely focused on education and awareness, exhibitors are not permitted to sell items or collect money. Exhibitors may advertise, accept applications, registrations or memberships, and collect contact information for future promotion or sales.
  • For fire safety regulations: tents and canopies must meet CPAI–84 Fire Resistance Standards (generally indicated on tag/label attached to tent).
  •  Canvassing the event is not permitted. Signatures for petitions may only be collected at your exhibit space.
  • RVED is a Zero-waste Event. Exhibitors are asked to do their part to prevent and reduce waste generated by your exhibit; we’ll help by providing ideas on how to do so.

Exhibitor Info

  • Tables are provided. Chairs are not provided. We strongly suggest that you provide a tent/canopy. Table-tops are not-so-aesthetical-pleasing plywood; we suggest bringing a tablecloth to cover your table.
  • Interactive, hands-on exhibits with engaging activities are best, and draw more people to your display. Exhibitors are expected to share tangible actions/ideas for sustainability.
  • Make your exhibit interesting for repeat visitors; please consider adding something new or different each year.
  •  Vending is not permitted. You may promote, market and advertise earth-friendly products, services or ideas and gather contact information from interested patrons.

  • The event will take place rain or shine!
  • More than 1 exhibit staff person is recommended so that exhibitors can visit displays, network, have a snack and enjoy the event.
  • Make your exhibit about what you are FOR, not what you are against. Keep it positive.
  • Help make Rogue Valley Earth Day a success by promoting the event to your family & friends, colleagues & clients, neighbors & networks.

Be Part of EcoQuest – A Hands-on Adventure

All exhibitors are invited to join this educational adventure that will encourage children (and their parents) to visit your exhibit. Exhibitor participation is optional.

Note for past EcoQuest exhibits: The Rogue Valley Earth Day Committee has received comments from EcoQuest participants (yes, the kids themselves!) that some exhibits’ activities are the same each year. In an effort to maintain enthusiasm for EcoQuest, please consider providing new activities.

Here’s how EcoQuest Works:

  • To participate, your exhibit must feature an activity for children. The activity should be quick and simple. Kids may be asked to search for an answer to a question that you pose, complete a creative hands-on activity, etc.
  • When children have completed your activity, you write a unique mark with a sharpie pen/permanent marker on their “Quest Tag,” which is a used CD.
  • Exhibitors are asked to provide their own sharpie pen or permanent marker to mark the Quest Tag.
  • Participating children earn a prize and are registered for a raffle/basket of prizes.


  • Kids activities require time spent with children. Additional exhibit staff is recommended to also communicate with adults.
  • Children will be a wide age-range. Please take this into consideration by providing an activity that will appeal to all ages, or by creating easy and difficult versions of your activity that will be appropriate for children of various ages.

Exhibitor Fees

Nonprofits, Individuals and Small Businesses (5 or less employees):     $45.00
Business and Government:     $85.00

Exhibitor fees may be acknowledged as a charitable contribution.

Fabulous Sponsors Needed!

Exhibitors contributing over $150.00 will be acknowledged as sponsors. All contributions are tax-deductible.
Sponsors do not need to make an additional payment for exhibit space.


Thank you to all of our fabulous sponsors!
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